Cloud Enabled Data Center

The Challenge:

Traditionally, data centers were were designed to deliver the capabilities required to solve the specific business problems as they were understood at the time the data center’s architecture was developed. However, in order to solve new or evolving business challenges or to take advantage of better solutions as they became available, the fundamental data center architecture needed to change. As a result, companies often needed to postpone improvements to their infrastructure because of the additional costs and complexity of re-architecturing their data centers.


Many organizations today believe in the business benefits of migrating their workloads to the cloud.  Most CIOs today want to eliminate the burden of building and maintaining IT infrastructure and instead focus on the IT services that drive business value. The rapid maturation of public cloud and its resulting adoption has proven it to be an optimal approach to delivering IT infrastructure and yet the cloud remains elusive to many companies for production systems.

For many, the desire to move to the cloud is outweighed by its uncertainties.  What workloads can move to the cloud?  What will it cost?  How do I get them there?  Once there, how do I manage them?  Cornerstone’s CLOUD ENABLEMENT SOLUTION removes the uncertainty by providing an end-to-end program to ease your migration out of the datacenter and into the cloud.  The solution is comprised of a set of professional services that ASSESS the opportunity and cost of cloud, MIGRATE workloads to the cloud, then MANAGE those workloads and their costs.

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