Cloud-Enabled Data Center


Cloud-based workloads are a part of today’s modern datacenter whether as a result of “shadow” and “rogue” IT or the inclusion and integration of SaaS and PaaS environments into the IT landscape of our customers.  The challenge is no longer the ability to scale and expand to extend the borders of the datacenter but rather in the visibility, control, and optimization of the holistic IT environment.  Our customers demand that every dollar spent is utilized to the fullest without compromising performance, reliability, and agility.



Cornerstone’s approach to the cloud-enabled datacenter is to focus on the true workload demands of applications and the business then design a hybrid cloud infrastructure to meet those needs.  We then help our customers progress in the evolution of their IT infrastructure by developing and executing workload migrations to Azure, AWS, or other cloud service providers and by integrating cloud-aware on-premises datacenter systems.  However, a truly optimized cloud-enabled datacenter does not stop there.  The key to maximizing every dollar is the management and optimization of those workloads through a cloud-centric managed service.