With Dell’s recent announcement of the Gateway 5000 and their expanded focus and development around IoT technologies, we must ask, “What would be the consumer and commercial applications of these technologies?”  The obvious benefits are excluded from this article so that we can have some fun imagining the possibilities.

Let’s set aside ethical – and even moral – arguments for a moment to imagine what companies could do with these technologies.

Behavior Analytics Ability to analyze activities and UoT (Usage of Things)

Imagine the efficiency of distribution and logistics if the consumption of perishable items were reported to a central data center.  Before you run out of Starbucks Keurig cups in your cafeteria, a delivery truck already rolls up with a fresh supply.  Caffeine junkies with a lack of patience suddenly don’t have any one to shake a finger at.

Let’s get even more wild… What if you could install a sensor above each restroom door to quantify how often employees are making use of the facilities?  If you could measurably reduce visits and length of stay, could that contribute time back into the work day to increase productivity?

Emotion AnalyticsUnderstanding emotion to maximize targeted efforts

What if you could find a way to measure emotions through a combination of system usage, noise levels in the office, and even when doors get slammed?  Imagine the usefulness of that information.  For the husband, you may get an ad on your phone to buy flowers for your wife that just slammed the bedroom door.  For the employee at the office, you get a notice about a salon in the building to help you relax after that very stressful meeting you just attended.

This is just a start.  Provide your ideas and comments and don’t worry about how crazy some of them might be.  Hey!  This is technology.  Imagining the ridiculous is part of our jobs.