ENDPOINTS: Application Mobility Solutions

Application Mobility Solutions

The Challenge:

Moving your on premise infrastructure to the cloud may seem like a simple task, but the interoperability, integration, and interdependence of various systems in your local infrastructure can create many challenges. Even a simple application, such as a reporting server, can have many considerations including: a database engine, a file system, a work flow, a web interface, and an application layer. Simply moving a single workload or a single server to the cloud could negatively impact performance and potentially prevent the system from functioning.

Our Solution:

At Cornerstone, our application mobility solutions are aware of your access needs and our application containerization cloud enablement & migration can ensure a smooth transition.

Through our discovery process, you can:

      1. Determine all the systems, applications and assets in the backend that together comprise a service for end users
      2. Understand the interchange and flow of information between systems
      3. Gain a comprehensive view of all the components that provide your business solutions, such as reporting engines, CRM & CMS systems, NRP and VDI environments

Our Services:

In addition to our innovative technologies, Cornerstone can also support you through our services to seamlessly move data and migrate systems to public or private cloud services in the background without impacting operations, giving you the freedom and choice of when you wish to move individual workloads or entire solutions over to the cloud.