MANAGED SERVICES: Our Differentiator

In today’s market, the greatest value you can bring to your organization is your understanding of the culture, business processes and business applications that are designed specifically to support your end-users and the way your business operates. With the proliferation of virtualization and the use of commodity systems for back-end systems, infrastructure management is no longer the significant value-add of IT departments. This is where Cornerstone can help you. While you focus your application teams on the more significant role of helping your organization best leverage technology to grow business, we can take care of the day-to-day management of the infrastructure for you.


You can trust Cornerstone to provide fully managed services to maintain, manage, and monitor these environments. We work to ensure the backend infrastructure and systems are available, reliable and optimally performing to deliver the compute, storage, and network capabilities required to run your applications and services.

We have four principals to support your managed services:

  1. Monitor: 

    We monitor environments 24 x 7 around the clock to ensure highly available and ready to operate services for your needs. As our managed service customer, you will have access to monitoring software at no additional cost.

  2. Maintain: 

    We provide maintenance as part of our managed service to ensure your systems are operating at optimal speeds and performance, while maintaining their reliability. The systems are regularly maintained and reviewed, so that we can detect and even prevent impending and potential failures, rather than being merely responsive to problems.

  3. Manage: 

    Our Managed service capability is where we execute the changes and the needs that you bring to our attention to meet the needs of your changing business. Not only do we operate the environment, but we also continue to make the appropriate changes to meet your needs responsively.

  4. Mentor:

    The fourth principal, which makes our managed service unique, is Mentoring. Understanding the way in which an application or a systems operates, helps your IT organization understand its impact on end users and how to maximize and utilize those systems. We can also help you maintain and manage the system on your own if there are budget issues. Unlike other managed services organizations, who do not want to share the knowledge so that they are tied to that system, Cornerstone’s philosophy is service excellence that supports all your needs.  We believe that our managed service team and the service we provide is available to help reduce cost, increase capability, increase up time, and share our value. Our team goal is to provide value to and earn our customers. We realize that mentoring does not compromise our ability for long-term service, but rather proves our value and understanding of your environment.

Managed Services


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